Calvo Izquierdo develop the project VENDAGEN 2.0.

The Valencian company Calvo Izquierdo SL. Carried out the project VENDAGEN 2.0. (2013-2015) “Research and development of a new generation of bandages for medical and sports applications”.

The project is supported and funded by the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI).

VENDAGEN 2.0 is carried out by a multidisciplinary team integrated by personnel from Calvo Izquierdo SL, and also from the Textile Technological Institute (AITEX). 

AITEX is a N061 notified body with 17050 accredited laboratory with complementary competences and capabilities and with great experience in different fields such as medical and hospital textiles, biomedicine, chemistry, physics, biomechanics, engineering, design, materials science, computer science, etc.

This project encompasses two very important lines of research for the company, such as obtaining a 100% textile cohesive bandage and obtaining sports bandages with a cold/heat effect.

Through this project, a new generation of bandages was researched and developed with compounds containing a selection of natural active ingredients such as:

        • Cayenne pepper

        • Camphor.

        • Arnica.

        • Menthol.

        • Eucalyptus.

        • Etc…


Evaluation of 6 types of bandages impregnated with active ingredients designed to provide coolness and warmth to athletes during their use.

    1. Analyze the effects on skin temperature of the impregnated bandages compared to the control bandages in an objective way, by means of infrared thermography and infrared gun.
    2. To study if the impregnated bandages have noticeable effects after soccer training on the comfort perceived by the participants and to see which aspects were perceived as more or less comfortable.
    3. To evaluate the participants’ overall assessment of the new product in terms of satisfaction and sensations when using it.