Training sessions of Compression Therapy

During the month of July, Calvo Izquierdo organized three training days together with the Milliken company and health professionals. These were held on July 12, 13 and 14, 2022 in Albacete, Madrid and Brugos, with the title “Therapeutic compression training program in patients with phlebolymphatic pathology”.

The general objectives were to train professionals in the therapeutic compression technique in patients with feblolymphatic pathology and associated dermatitis. Focusing also on aspects such as: Differentiate the most prevalent pathologies that cause edema with dermatitis in the lower limbs, know the different materials necessary to carry out therapeutic compression optimized for dermatitis. and acquire the necessary skills for the correct application of bandages.

On July 12, we went to the Hospital Univ. Señora del Perpetuo Socorro in Albacete to carry out the training, where Remedios Nieto, Carmen Alba and Claire Stephens were presenting. On Wednesday, July 13, we attended the Simulation Technology Center in Madrid, where we had Carmen Alba, Irene Estévez and Claire Stephens. And finally, on Thursday, July 15, we were in the Burgos Primary Care Management Assembly Hall with the collaboration of Carmen Alba, Dr. Gonzalo González.

They were three very intense days where knowledge could be shared and a better understanding of the pathology and practice the application of compressive bandages by professionals with extensive experience in the field.

Many thanks to each and every participant. With special mention to Carmen Alba and Claire Stephens who were part of all the formations in the different cities.

Also thank Remedios Nieto, Maria Eugenia Diez, Irene Estevez, Gonzalo Gonzalez, Sofia Angulo and Jesús Guirao for their collaboration during the different presentations and for helping us organize these fantastic training sessions.



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